Rally Breslau

Posted on Wed 09 January 2019 in motorbike • Tagged with rally, motorbike

Rallye Breslau

The Countdown

Five minutes before four o'clock, the browser is open and the site loaded. I can't stop pressing F5 because every second counts. This time is money. Three minutes in advance -the registrations open at 16:00- and the site is already available. I start filling in all the …

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Fitness and Parts

Posted on Mon 24 September 2018 in motorbike • Tagged with rally, motorbike, fitness

And the training started

It may sound easy, but I've been trying to wake up and work out early in the morning, before going to work, for quite a while. I failed miserably every morning, of course. You know what I did instead? Hit the snooze button multiple times. It's …

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From Zero to... Something

Posted on Sun 23 September 2018 in motorbike • Tagged with rally, motorbike, ajp

This is not a story about podiums, best times or struggles for seconds that win championships. This is the story about the average guy with an office work, a family and a passion for motorbikes. A person fighting to improve himself. A person who sometimes has fun suffering and sometimes …

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